Barbara Nigro

4018 Highway 78
Julian, CA 92036

Photography • jewelry

Barbara has been a photographer for many years doing work for political campaigns, real estate promotion and portraiture. She has a passion for landscapes, scenic vistas, nature and historic sites. Her outstanding photos of early California missions and close-ups of native plant life reflect this keen interest and skill. Her background in art and art history clearly is seen in her photography.

Working with design firms, her photography has been used to enhance the designer’s concept. Her work graces the walls of many homes and offices. She works with designers as well as other artists and professionals to document their work for websites, brochures, promotional materials and album/CD covers.

Kevin O'Connor

P.O. Box 1911
Julian, CA 92036 760-533-6854


Cathy Ozbun

P.O. Box 785
Julian, CA 92036 760-765-2946

Graphic Artist • knitting • crocheting


Helen Petre

Grand Oaks Studio

P.O. Box 371
Julian, CA 92036

Acrylic mono prints • collage • mixed media • assemblage • artist books

Helen Petre has been recognized for accomplishments in watercolor and oil painting, printmaking, collage, assemblage, mixed media and artist's books.

She has been studying and working in fine art over 60 years, receiving hundreds of awards in competitive shows and received two art scholarships. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and Japan, receiving many awards.

Helen was born and raised in New York City, briefly studied fashion illustration, worked during WW2 as a mechanical draftsman.

"Helen Petre: Prolific book artist, painter, and collage artist extraordinaire."

— San Diego Book Arts Newsletter



Linda Pierson

2603 C. Street
Julian, CA 92036 760-554-1291

Acrylic on Canvas & Fabric


Linda Pierson’ is a native of El Centro, California.  The world renowned artist is known as “The Colorist Painter”.    Pierson’ graduated high school nearly a year and a half early due to college art credits; she attended Imperial Valley College, Santa Barbara and San Diego Universities all with a Painting Major and Philosophy Minor.  She has traipsed artfully around the globe on painting expeditions, endlessly bringing fresh ideas to the canvas.  The spicy entrepreneurial designer has taught public and private art classes throughout the United States, while living in CA, NY, NJ, BC and Georgia and has created & contracted several painting co-op and building projects. In 1995, she took a 24’ x 117’ building and created a 15 Suite Mini Mall, complete with Multiple Art Studios and Beauty Salons.  The unique structure, Pierson’s Downtown Gallery of Shops, is designed with French Doors and Windows throughout and is the home to a variety of Art & Music festivals and many local businesses.



Marcus Ray


P.O. Box 1411

Julian, CA 92036



Garden sculpting



Bettie Rikansrud

P.O. Box 2366
Julian, CA 92036


Bettie Rikansrud received a BA in Art at the University of California at Santa Barbara, with an emphasis in Printmaking and Painting. After raising 3 children and having a career in teaching, she and her husband, Rudy, relocated to Julian, where he had been raised. Since 2005, Bettie has devoted her time to painting, studying artists, taking classes and doing plein air paintings in oils. The mountain area provides unlimited subjects to paint: mountains, streams, sunsets, and cattle grazing. She also enjoys portraiture, having done that for many years.

Bettie is a member of both the California Art Club and the Julian Arts Guild. She exhibits bi-annually with the Julian Arts Guild at the Town Hall on Main Street in Julian. For the last several years, Bettie has also participated in the annual Julian Artists Open Studio Tour, which is held every October.

Bettie’s love of painting has been inspired by the incredible atmosphere and light which permeates the Julian countryside.

Teresa Shanahan 

5246 Alta Vista St
San Diego, CA 92109 619-857-8784

Ceramic • mosaic



Blynn Simmons 

P.O. Box 627
Julian CA 92036 760-765-3366

Painter-oils • pastel • pencils

Blynn is a longtime resident, twenty-five years, of Julian. Educated in the Midwest, Julian fulfilled the love of California and four seasons. An avid traveler, Africa began her desire to paint wild life and the mountain lions of Julian cinched it. Working in oil, pastel and pencil, the wild animals in this locale are her inspiration.



Angela Simpson

P.O. Box 306
Warner Springs, CA 92086

Painter-watercolor • acrylic • oil • photography

Angela Simpson is a local artist who lives in Warner Springs. She currently paints watercolors, oil and acrylics and has studied with Stan Goudey, Joe Garcia, Carol Ravy, Cindy Triplett and David Musser locally. She also studied art at Saddleback College with Betty Weiss and Wayne Horvath, taking classes in oil painting, watercolor, life drawing, sculpture, ceramics and color and design. She enjoys painting landscapes and still life from her own photos as well as the many flowers in her garden. She has been commissioned to paint portraits, residences, wineries and landscapes. She may be reached at the above email address or her studio in Warner Springs.


Arlene Smith

P.O. Box 2412
Julian, CA 92036

Pottery • sculpture • wood • stained glass mosaics • alcohol ink tiles

Arlene spent her adult life as an accountant until she moved to Julian and discovered she could create art. Now she tries different mediums, but her favorite is stained glass mosaics.






Summer Snow

P.O. Box 66
Aguanga, CA 92536


Summer earned degrees in Science and Mathematics and Social and Behavioral Sciences. She recently discovered an artistic avenue of expression through watercolor and acrylic painting, as well as photography. Her subjects include wildflowers, expressions of nature, native indigenous rock art, and ocean, lakes, and sea life and their surroundings, as well as mystical fantasy paintings and series of Oriental Koi paintings emphasizing balance, tranquility, and harmony, which bring a quiet peace to the observer. She also designs and creates handcrafted Mother Nature Jewelry. She is a member of the Julian Arts Guild and has participated in several of the art shows in Julian and surrounding areas. She currently has works of art at the Banner Queen Gallery. She built her own art gallery website:

and has a Facebook Page:


Lorena Sliffe

P.O. Box 1056
Julian, CA 92036 760-315-7451


My expertise is with floral painting. I have vast experience with Large-Scale Canvas Paintings and Murals. My strength is I have the ability to make flowers come to life with rich colored acrylics.



Linda Todd-Limon
P.O. Box 426
Julian, CA 92036


Linda Todd-Limon has always been passionate about photography although college took her in a different direction. When she was eighteen, she was keenly aware that photography was her passion, but the desire for a profession with a secure future, led her to a career in education and away from serious photography. As much as Linda enjoyed teaching, she was looking forward to the day when she would have the time to devote to her creative endeavor.


Before her retirement in 2011, Linda starting taking photography classes and workshops to discover skills required to be a professional photographer. Now that she is retired, she enjoys having the ability to focus on photography which allows her to live in the moment while capturing the raw emotion that is present in all things. As Ansel Adams once said "You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and the people you loved."

Linda lives with her husband, Ken, in the beautiful mountain community of Julian, CA where they grow organic apples and pears.

Joanne Van Kolken

P.O. Box 390696
Anza, CA 92539

Colored pencil • pastels • mixed media • jewelry

Leslie Wagner

P.O. Box 116
Warner Springs CA 92086

Painter-watercolor • acrylic



Beryl Warnes

P.O. Box 1033
Julian, CA 92036


It has long been a dream to have a place for fiberholics such as myself to go for connectedness. As I become more web friendly it seems the ideal place to do this.. A way to stay connected to others like myself. As I surf around I see many of you out there, Thank you for being there.

An online store where loyal customers can be the first to see what’s in the works and available without coming to the shop. Although a trip to the shop can be educational and informative as the looms are always at work. My son, Skylar, now a second generation weaver and I are always willing to share the process with anyone interested.

In this fast paced world there is importance in keeping in touch with creative rhythm and simple pleasures the fiber arts are tactile and satisfying balance to the intangible nature of computer generated pursuits.



Don Weeke

P.O. Box 931
Julian, CA 92036

Gourd art • basket weaving

Don Weeke has been making baskets and gourds for more than 35 years. He teaches and exhibits nationally. The primary focus of his work is form, with texture as a secondary consideration.He combines natural materials with traditional basketry techniques. His work is featured in numerous publications such as the books 500 Baskets and The Complete Book of Gourd Craft and the magazines American Style and Fiber Arts Now.

Garnette Welch

P.O. Box 2051
Julian, CA 92036



Susan Wormsley

4624 Hidalgo Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117

Watercoloer • acrylic • mixed media



Mila Zarco

2762 Hwy 78
Julian CA 92036




Is an artist who calls her home, Julian, California.  Her works stretch from a range of landscapes, Spanish missions, sunsets on California beaches and portraits.  Mila is a self-taught artist with training with a well-known artist from Wilmington, N.C., Chappy Valente.  Her passion and drive for capturing a moment in time is what motivates her to try different techniques with oil medium, always discovering, always learning.

Mila is a Patio Artist at Balboa Park’s Spanish Art Village in San Diego, a former volunteer at the Muramid Mural Museum and Art Gallery in Oceanside, Ca., a member of the Southwestern Gallery in Spanish Art Village, where she will be submitting her paintings for jury selection in the coming weeks.

All forms of art have been a major part of her life, a Voice Major at Nyack Missionary College, sang in church choirs, coffee houses, writes poetry, and dabbles in gardening.  

Formally, a Reading/Special Education Teacher from New York, Mila returned to her passion for creating art pieces during her years of retirement.



Julie Zerbe 

P.O. Box 621
Julian CA 92036



Sundee Ziegler

P.O. Box 390345
Anza CA 92539


Watercolor • acrylic • colored pencils



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